Sunday Jam: Regina Spektor - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

3/12/17 10:24:17 pm
re: #216 Teukka In Denmark, the bill would be 0. Hospital stays and ER admissions are paid for by our taxes. I am actually surprised that you have charges for these kind of things in Sweden.

Here’s a great solo mini-concert by Regina Spektor, followed by an interview in which she discusses — among other things — the advent of the Trump Horror and what it means for musicians and artists and everyone else.

Video: Charlie Rose Interviews Bernie Sanders About His “Hillary Is Unqualified” Comments

She did it first
4/09/16 9:06:25 am
re: #238 rgold77 In the extremely unlikely chance that it comes to this pass -- hold your nose and do it. In any case, get out there and stump for the down tickets and the 2018 midterms. As annoyed as ...

Saturday Off the Wall: Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing

Executions for moles
135Colère Tueur de Lapin
10/11/15 2:57:35 am
re: #95 Reality Based Steve Playing with power tools always a plus. Not knowing what the baseline of the shop is visually, I'd be willing to be that people will notice, if not necessarily specifics, that all the visual lines ...

Video: President Obama’s Full Interview With Chuck Todd

“You’ve not said the word ‘Syria’ so far”
304klys (maker of Silmarils)
9/07/14 8:07:34 pm
re: #303 b_sharp I would argue that what turned that e-mail racist is the part where he was completely willing to cater to racists in order to increase his profits. It was not an academic discussion of habits, it was ...

Greenwald gives away the game on his PRISM claims

Admits he has no idea what arrangement exists between internet companies and the NSA
6/13/13 12:43:56 pm
re: #354 HappyWarrior I think Zimmerman will be convicted. The DNA evidence shows no trace of Zimmerman on Trayvon's hands, yet Zimmerman says he was punched 25 to 30 times in the face, etc. There is more DNA evidence on ...
Daniela Yohannes / ECM

NPR Interviews Keith Jarrett: ‘I Want the Imperfections to Remain’

The hardest part was convincing the bass player
426Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/28/13 1:17:51 pm
re: #423 Political Atheist If he was 'beating' it, sure. If he had grabbed his hair and rapped his skull, no. Let's go back to my question. If you started a fight with someone, and then they knocked you down, ...

A Wild Interview With John McAfee at Slashdot

“Samantha is extremely jealous and twice tried to stab me”
5/08/13 6:22:02 pm
"Against all odds, the woman turned out to be crazier than myself. After a year and a half, the fractured elements of her psyche reassembled themselves into an exact likeness of a snarling ferret and she self destructed. She destroyed ...

Colin Powell: The GOP Has a ‘Dark Vein of Intolerance’

Off the rails
1/13/13 11:14:35 pm
re: #121 Gus Whenever I see the words "Messianic Jew" or "Messianic Rabbi," my mind almost gets a BSOD. A Jew who worships Jesus as Messiah is to me not a Jew, but that's my Long Island background speaking, I ...

Video: Barack Obama Extended Interview With Jon Stewart

As the right desperately tries to make another fake outrage out of the word “optimal”
37Patricia Kayden
10/19/12 1:22:38 pm
I will be glad when this election is over so that I don't have to mute Romney ads. Maryland is solid blue, but our next door neighbor Virginia is a target for election ads.