Influential Iowa Radio Host Jan Mickelson: Enslave Undocumented Immigrants Unless They Leave

“What’s wrong with slavery?”
1 week ago
re: #101 meteor Some can. It depends on what fictional universe they live in.
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Those of us who follow the continuous eruptions of bad craziness from the right wing are pretty hard to shock at this point; it takes a lot to stand out amid all the insanity. But Jan Mickelson, a highly influential right wing talk radio host in Iowa (he’s interviewed …

GOP Debate: Extreme Religious Right Edition

A Family Fanaticfest
748Shiplord Kirel
11/19/11 6:31:58 pm
re: #735 Gus 802 Later model F-100s, especially the D, were the main close support aircraft in South Vietnam, and remained in ANG service till 1977. The two seat F-100F was the first "Wild Weasel" defense suppression aircraft. The "F" ...
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Religious Right Irritated by Herman Cain’s Absurd Abortion Statements

Wingnut on wingnut action
10/21/11 11:30:47 am
Beg pardon but your party insults the intelligence of the collective planet with candidates like Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Newt and the rest of the fascists. Express suport for them, expect pushback. Go play GAZE with somebdy else, I'm not ...
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Craziest Fundamentalist Republican Wins Iowa Straw Poll

Michele Bachmann is partying tonight, in her own way
467Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/14/11 5:44:38 pm
re: #466 lostlakehiker But to make your faked-up numbers work, you actually need to assume that someone is living in one of the cheapest areas-- not an average one. And you need to pretend they can find housing within 10 ...
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Video: All 8 Republicans Would Walk Away from ‘10 to 1’ Deal

The Republican Party is badly broken
8/13/11 8:24:38 am
re: #211 Areopagitica It is worse than that, the current Tea Party is nothing short of total anarchism in a very thin disguise. Eliminate government oversight of business, the environment, education, and the financial markets. Cut taxes even further even ...
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