Steve King (R-Iowa): Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill Would Be “Racist” and “Sexist”

They really are not right in the head
6/22/16 11:38:23 am
re: #120 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) Also magazine versus clip. (By the way, when I was in the Navy, we called them clips.) I was at FE Warren Air Force Base yesterday in Cheyenne. The base was ...
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When asked why he sponsored a failed amendment to prohibit the US Treasury from changing the $20 bill to feature freed slave Harriet Tubman, Iowa Republican caveman Steve King said it was because he was opposed to racism, sexism and divisiveness. The rise of Donald Trump to the GOP …

Video: Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz a “Maniac,” Says Hillary Clinton “Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People”

That time when a maniac calls someone else a maniac
12/13/15 10:31:53 pm
Wow! Pants on fire! Crispy remains. I've heard Trump being called brilliant, and I know he'll get away with these nonsense remarks, but they are anything but brilliant. He just doesn't care what people think of him. Even the most ...