Donald Trump Compares Ben Carson to a “Child Molester,” Calls Iowa Voters “Stupid”

The crazy is getting even worse
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re: #123 HappyWarrior Interesting. My great-grandfather was an Irish national. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't the right sort of Irishman at the time.
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This is what the Republican presidential race has come to, folks. Donald Trump launches into a bizarre rant in Iowa, viciously attacking Ben Carson and calling the people of Iowa “stupid” for believing Carson. Watch the people seated behind him; they look extremely uncomfortable, as if they were watching …

GOP Debate: Extreme Religious Right Edition

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11/19/11 6:31:58 pm
re: #735 Gus 802 Later model F-100s, especially the D, were the main close support aircraft in South Vietnam, and remained in ANG service till 1977. The two seat F-100F was the first "Wild Weasel" defense suppression aircraft. The "F" ...
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