Trump Ranted: “Iran Test-Fired a Missile.” Today We Find Out There Was No Missile.

Days without Trump embarrassing America: 0
276Unshaken Defiance
9/25/17 7:04:10 pm
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Saturday: Trump rants about a new “Ballistic Missile” (capitalized for some weird reason known only to the Trump-thing) “capable of reaching Israel.” Today: we find out there was no missile. The launch was faked.

State Department spokesman John Kirby

Another Right Wing Fake Outrage: No, State Dept. Did NOT Confirm $400M “Ransom” to Iran

More garbage-think for the irrational right wing base
8/19/16 2:36:03 pm
Someone tell Chris Mathews. He described it as ransom in his fawning of the execrable Kellyanne Conway, who has yet to demonstrate even a modicum of competence as a Republican "heavyweight."

Did Donald Trump Disclose Classified Information Today in Florida?

“I’ll never forget the scene this morning”
8/03/16 8:58:24 pm
re: #127 JasonA Who in their right mind sets up recurring donations to a politician? Any politician? That's like wearing a sign around your neck that reads "Useful idiot" - and I don't care if it's Bernie or Hillary or ...

GOHMERT! Louie Wanted to Start Bombing Iran Over Those Captured Sailors, Because of Course He Did

Life with Louie
1/13/16 1:07:56 pm
re: #197 scottslemmons Had a terrorist dumped some toxins into the water supply of a US city, he or she would face dozens of federal and state criminal charges. Governor Snyder et al. should be treated the same.

American Thinker Comes Up With the Craziest Obama-Iran Conspiracy Theory Yet

Great googly moogly!
4/26/15 8:46:39 am
The level of casual malice here is jaw-dropping. The author never thought once about what she was saying--- (1) Small-scale nuclear war. As if it would stay small. Israel would not sit quietly if a couple of nukes were detonated ...

Life With Gohmert: “Stop Slapping Israel Around, Obama! It’s Time to Bomb Iran!”

Good Christian Louie wants some killin’ done
3/19/15 3:06:20 pm
"...but the American people aren't buying it and you're going to pay a price," Gohmert said." Well, Louie, just this week 68% of Americans supported the talks and treaty. 29% oppose it. You aren't even speaking for the American people ...

Tom Cotton Tries to Sabotage Obama’s Iran Deal, Then Calls for Massive Defense Spending

Not a coincidence
581The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
3/17/15 11:42:39 am
re: #543 William Barnett-Lewis Yeah. While I hate Lemay more than anybody who's ever worn an American uniform other than Douglas MacArthur, he was supremely competent at what he did, and while he bragged that he could launch a first ...

The Republican Party Is Heading Toward a Cliff

Anything goes to subvert the elected President
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3/15/15 9:30:31 pm
re: #99 Kragar In case anybody's still around: I think a really neat science fair project would be to take one of those candles in a jar, light it and lay a soda can on its side on top of ...

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA): Iran Should Be Nuked

Random right wing craziness of the day
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12/04/13 3:00:50 pm
And yes, put on some muscle, at least. Image: gal-gadot-bikini.jpg Maybe they are going to use the same kind of CGI they did to make Captain America.. only in reverse. "Get that gal a sandwich"

Breaking: Iran Reaches Nuclear Deal With Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, the EU and the US

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11/24/13 5:34:10 pm
re: #459 plf1953 1. I heard people complaining about double taxation in the late 1980s. Most of the treaties you mention were passed after that period. My information was outdated. The exclusion at that time was about $70K. All by ...