In Which the Stupidest Man on the Internet Pushes the Fake “$400M Ransom Payment” Story

Yet another fake right wing outrage
179Decatur Deb
8/04/16 2:10:22 pm
The teenage eagle huntress, once pictured here, is the subject of a new documentary film.

The whole right wing universe is going nuts again about an absurdly dishonest story first published by the Wall Street Journal, claiming that the Obama administration made a SEKRIT $400 MILLION RANSOM PAYMENT to Iran. Just two tiny things wrong with this claim: It wasn’t secret. It wasn’t a …

“Lame Duck” President Makes Republicans Say “Quack”

The Iran deal is sealed
9/11/15 3:36:33 pm
re: #1 jaunte I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the Israeli's are trying to avoid... just a day after the Ayatollah said Israel won't exist in 25 years... I sure as hell hope Obama is right here because he won't ...

White House Close to Sealing the Iran Nuclear Deal, as Sen. Bob Casey Pledges Support

The fat lady’s warming up in the wings
158The Major
9/01/15 3:08:45 pm
re: #80 Charles Johnson From a pure numbers standpoint, Iran's population is close to an order of magnitude greater than Israel. Any direct attack by Israel against Iran will be a numerical failure and would automatically cause a set-aside of ...
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Breitbart: Mike Huckabee “Articulates Conservative Principles” by Equating Iran Deal to the Holocaust

“Conservative principles and values” = equating opponents to Nazis
7/27/15 3:54:53 am
re: #330 Kragar Condolences in advance, Kragar. This stuff is very hard. Take care of yourself-I know you have already said your goodbyes.