Video: Donald Trump Accuses US Soldiers of Looting Iraq, And It Isn’t the First Time

6/15/16 5:25:06 pm
re: #770 Decatur Deb But did you hear about that one family buying lobster with their food stamps? /s

Just unreal. What can anyone say at this point? And this is the same guy who constantly asserts that the US should have taken Iraq’s oil. UPDATE at 6/14/16 7:11:34 pm by Charles Johnson This isn’t the first time Trump has accused US soldiers of stealing the money intended …

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Donald Trump Isn’t Telling the Truth About Opposing the Iraq War

Imagine my surprise
2/19/16 2:34:04 pm
re: #30 KGxvi The Kochs. And they won't buy all of it, of course, just the parts with mineral resources, water, scenery, or other value. The citizens of the state will be left with empty pockets, scattered chunks of empty ...

GOP Clown Car Watch: The Jeb Bush Backflip: ‘I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq’

Knowing what he knows now, would Jeb know what he knows now?
5/15/15 12:09:41 pm
re: #401 BeenHereAwhile I forget the name of the station I listened to in Miami, but remember very well WGIV in Charlotte where I spent some of my teens. Genial Gene, Chattie Hattie and Rockin' Ray were all Black personalities ...

AP: The Bush Administration Kept Colin Powell in the Dark About Torture

Reeking of guilt
7/31/14 12:22:41 pm
re: #596 GeneJockey Conservatives can never understand why it is that Teh Juice aren't grateful for how much they love their imaginary version of Israel, and their imaginary version of Judaism, and why we're not grateful for the Starring Role ...

Remember the Last Time Bill Kristol Told Us “What to Do in Iraq?”

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6/17/14 12:18:20 am
Fuckers are totally impervious to reality. Was in an FB argument with one of my wingnut friends. Funny...I didn't know that the SOFA agreement in 2008 was an attempt by Obama to close Gitmo. Seriously...I should go look it up!!!11!! ...

Iraq’s Maliki Government Requested US Air Strikes - Denied

The consequences of George W. Bush’s adventure
6/12/14 9:20:46 pm
re: #272 iossarian "The right-wing "intelligentsia" is chock-full of these people. They can be wrong on everything over and over again and yet never lose their Very Serious status or Brookings Institution stipends." Brookings has a reputation of being more ...

Rachel Maddow Documentary: Hubris - Selling the Iraq War

Documenting the lies
2/20/13 6:59:00 pm
Irony -- many of the same members of Congress who have been hypercritical of Hagel, negatively speculating on his worthiness to serve as Secretary of Defense ... still sing the praises of Rumsfeld and his cronies from the Bush/Cheney regime. ...