Islamophobia, Fox News, and Bogus Statistics

Steve Emerson’s use of bs stats about Muslim demographics in UK furthers agenda of Islamophobia
1/13/15 12:58:54 pm
re: #409 Khal Wimpo Yep, that's that non-existent Islamophobia for you. // Both Sam Harris & Bill Maher have fawningly (and incorrectly) attributed the following definition of Islamophobia to Hitchens: Andrew Cummins later proudly took credit for the definition, according ...

Steve Emerson, who claims to be an Islam expert, was on Fox News spouting off bogus statistics about Muslims living in the UK. He claimed that Birmingham and other cities are majority Muslim and that non-Muslims can’t go there (no-go zones). It was patently BS, and he had to walk …

No, Angola Has Not ‘Banned Islam’. It’s a Little More Complicated Than That.

267Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
11/28/13 10:36:02 am
So, the wingnuts cheer the Russian dictator, devour Kremlin propaganda as Gospel, and, now, we see them enthusiastically (if mistakenly) support the suppression of religion by a Russian satellite regime. My, my, this is not your father's right wing, folks. ...

Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred

Wilders benefits from the freedom he wants to take away from Muslims
41Decatur Deb
6/25/11 6:32:55 am
re: #40 Rocktheboat Welcome, newbie, if you're a newbie. You are posting at the bottom of a long-abandoned thread, where people will notice your effort only by accident. Bring your message to a similar current thread or page, they recur ...

America’s Dumbest Muslim-Hater Nearly Shoots Off Own Foot

The derp is strong within this fool
4/23/11 10:20:57 am
In America, if you want to legally drive a car, you must pass a driving test. But you can legally own many guns and have diminished capacity. This cuts across political lines. Everyone, from aged anti-Semites on the left to ...

UN Workers Killed by Afghan Mob After Psycho Pastor Burns Koran

Terry Jones has blood on his hands
623Charles Johnson
4/04/11 12:13:46 pm
re: #622 beartiger There's nothing "polite" about telling me I "don't truly support free speech," when it's dead obvious from everything I've posted that I do. That's utter crap, and I'm not going to refrain from calling it what it ...

Islam, Sharia Law, and Paranoia

Drawing the line between rational criticism of reactionary Islam and paranoid bigotry
504Talking Point Detective
2/22/11 6:26:35 am
So I was checking out the "stalker' blog and read that their fearless leader posted this: and this: OK - the theory that we "came from monkies [sic]" is too far-fetched.... so he believes we came from another planet? Too ...