WSJ: US Monitored Contacts Between Israel and GOP Members of Congress as They Tried to Subvert Iran Deal

Outrageous, but not for the reason the right wing media want you to believe
12/30/15 2:53:00 pm
re: #244 KGxvi LOL--QFT. Thanks.
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Right wing sites all over the net are screaming that this report from the Wall Street Journal proves President Obama “hates Israel.” For example: But if you actually read about what was going on, the Obama administration had very good reason to continue surveillance of Netanyahu and his right …

Glenn Greenwald Retweets “If Obama Were Consistent He’d Bomb Israel,” Then Deletes It

Hiding evidence of raging bias
8/09/14 1:29:51 pm
re: #373 William Barnett-Lewis We did NOT try in Rwanda. We did NOT try in Uganda. And my point was and is that whatever the reasons for punting may have been, they don't begin to work as excuses for the ...
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The Terms of Kerry’s Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Proposal - Update: Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal

Attempting diplomacy to stop the killing
7/26/14 7:10:44 am
Israeli governments change and there have been more "dovish" Israeli leaders than Bibi. In the future there will probably be more. But if the doves had their offers rebuffed with no realistic concessions by the ONES WHO ARE ASKING FOR ...