Confirmed: The Investigation of Russian Interference Into the Election Is Now Focusing on Jared Kushner

Trump innermost circle
294Joe Bacon 🌹
5/25/17 10:07:24 pm
re: #293 freetoken The Republican 24/7 Bullshit Machine is tightening it's grip on information. Just like Izvestia/TASS/Pravda did in the Soviet Union.'

You don’t get much deeper into Donald Trump’s inner circle than this.

Hilarious Video: Donald and Ivanka Trump Stress Out Over the Teleprompters at the RNC

“Is this the podium?”
7/25/16 11:52:47 am
re: #604 451_Montag I can't watch right now. Is he being the fire-breathing shouty Bernie they all came to love--THAT Bernie could tell them to cut the crap...