Daredevil Volume 1, Issue 13: “The Secret of Ka-Zar’s Origin!”

Also starring Maa-Gor the man-ape
4/12/15 8:47:16 pm
Speaking of Daredevil, I'm two episodes into the Netflix series and I'm absolutely digging it. What I've seen so far is great. It's a lot grittier than I expected from Marvel. I wasn't a fan of the character since my ...

The issue following Daredevil #12, published in February 1966, sported a beautiful cover by the late great Jack Kirby, who also shared pencilling credit with John Romita Sr. for the whole issue. This one features the origin story of loincloth aficionado Ka-Zar, who (shockingly!) turns out to be the brother …

Fantastic Four #45, December 1965: “Among Us Hide … the Inhumans!”

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Silver Age
12/25/12 1:10:53 pm
My mom made prime rib from grass fed-beef last night. You may find it amazing that I never had that before, but I'm from the Bay Area where restaurants don't even serve steaks (too American for us commies, probably). It ...