Former DNI James Clapper: US Institutions Are Under Assault by Donald Trump

Things are coming to a head
349Jebediah, RBG
5/14/17 9:35:40 pm
re: #25 Anymouse That looks nice.

This is a pretty huge development, when the former director of national intelligence says US institutions are “under assault” by Donald Trump, and expresses his dismay that the Republican Party hasn’t spoken out.

Rand Paul: Snowden and Clapper Should Both Go to Prison

Off with their heads
1/06/14 3:47:01 pm
re: #165 Justanotherhuman I wish I could say this surprises me as much as it sickens me, but unfortunately it doesn't as there are thousands upon thousands of child "soldiers" involved in conflicts all around the world. From October of ...

Greenwald Gloats, Twists Words of National Intelligence Director

Why libertarians love him so
70unproven innocence
6/09/13 2:00:00 pm
re: #34 Charles Johnson I don't think it's so far off-base. I've transcribed [partially] some explanation of "the situation" by William Binney, starting at 30:00 into this video, Laura Poitras Surveillance Teach-In - YouTube Bolding is mine for emphasis, and ...