Stephen Colbert Skewers Republican Climate Change Denial

“Everyone who denies climate change has the same message: we don’t know what the f*ck we’re talking about”
69Charles Johnson
11/07/14 12:38:45 pm
When sticker placement goes wrong. — Bad Record Covers (@BadAlbumCovers) November 7, 2014

Sen. James Inhofe: Benghazi Is ‘The Biggest Coverup in History’

Republican rhetoric gets more and more absurd
105Patricia Kayden
11/30/12 8:59:58 am
re: #79 Tigger2005 Perhaps to show the Republicans that he is better than them. He had a get together with McCain after beating him in 2008, which I also found baffling. President Obama doesn't strike me as a person who ...

Rachel Maddow Interviews James Inhofe, Face of the Anti-Science Right

Determinedly ignorant and proud of it
3/17/12 9:07:33 am
I'm sorry but that interview made Rachel seem like a dunce. I find it hard to believe that she wasn't prepare for his moronic attempts to deflect and ignore her questions and say whatever he wanted. And his constant patronizing ...

The Lessons of ‘Climategate’

A textbook case of right wing anti-science propaganda
449Mad Prophet Ludwig
3/01/11 9:12:14 pm
re: #448 ElSuerte Our side? It is Bagua! How are you? Long time no hear? Tell me, how have you been? Still miserable that you had no date on Valentines day and spent that whole night hate-blogging. And if it ...

German Reporter to Inhofe: ‘You’re Ridiculous’

12/19/09 3:25:48 pm
re: #7 aristopheles No. If you say ridiculous things no one has an obligation to treat you reasonably. If reporters here had more backbone and less slavish to the idea of "objective neutrality" (which is just code for lazy he-said, ...

James Inhofe’s Climate Denier Mystery Tour

9/29/09 11:25:52 am
re: #560 LudwigVanQuixote That explains a lot, science is cool. :) (Seriously though, I believe the Spaceman meant that these were "other" problems that he was listing that he felt were more important, not alternative causes for the warmings. re: ...