Donald Trump Says He’ll Walk Away From the US Treaty With Japan Unless They Pay Up

“They have to pay”
292Jebediah, RBG
8/06/16 3:20:43 pm
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With all the insane stuff Donald Trump has been saying, this horrible statement fell through the cracks. But amidst all the other craziness from Trump today, he broadly hinted that if important US ally Japan were attacked, he’d walk away from the NATO treaty unless Japan coughed up enough …

Fox News ‘Clarifies’ Bogus Obama Apology Story

Caught pushing propaganda again
10/15/11 8:28:40 am
When informed by FOX News management (which had recently come to the realization that their unabashedly biased, propaganda-promoting commentators had become an industry joke) that they would have to issue a clarification, the Three Stooges of F&F replied: "Since when ...
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