Weird Animated Short of the Day: Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop

An oddly entrancing bunny-oriented hallucination
1/03/14 11:27:28 am
re: #459 HappyWarrior Considering what goes on during the week and days before the game, I suspect this will be the last Super Bowl in an open Northern stadium. The logistics of coordinating all the activities and parties, while dealing ...

Rare Photo of A-Bomb Cloud Found in Hiroshima

Two minutes after
1/12/13 3:14:03 pm
re: #1 Dark_Falcon Certainly "was reasonably believed at the time to result". There's a case that the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and Korea was also a major factor in Japanese decision-making. Getting those three hammer blows (ie, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and ...

Fox News ‘Clarifies’ Bogus Obama Apology Story

Caught pushing propaganda again
10/15/11 8:28:40 am
When informed by FOX News management (which had recently come to the realization that their unabashedly biased, propaganda-promoting commentators had become an industry joke) that they would have to issue a clarification, the Three Stooges of F&F replied: "Since when ...