White Nationalist-Linked Immigration “Expert” Now Writing for Politico

8/09/13 8:04:47 pm
One really does wonder why an article like this gets a down-ding. One of Richwine's little nuggets in the linked article was this gem, regarding the odious Bell Curve by Herrnstein and Murray. "As a consequence, the interesting policy implications ...

Remember Jason Richwine, the Heritage Foundation analyst who published articles on a repulsive white nationalist website, and was forced to resign from Heritage when it came to light? The guy who argued in his Harvard thesis that America should discourage immigration by non-whites because their IQs are lower? Well, …

Heritage Immigration Study Co-Author: “I Do Not Apologize”

Racist and proud of it
85Romantic Heretic
5/13/13 1:19:26 pm
re: #78 Kragar Obviously the commander in question has been studying the works of Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, Marshalls Foch and Gamelin along with that brilliant general Erich Ludendorff. History/