A Beautiful 3 Minutes and 28 Seconds for a July 4th Evening: Bill Laurance, “Audrey”

545Unshaken Defiance
2 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #536 Birth Control Works So worth the time. Some of it won't seem immediately helpful, like the domestic dispute chapter if you are single. There is a lot on what celebrities face. That's the chapter that teaches me there ...

And Now, an Awesome Live Performance From Esperanza Spalding on Prairie Home Companion: “Good Lava”

390John Carter
3/05/17 3:17:23 am
re: #57 Blind Frog Belly White Wait wut? I read that when I was a kid and loved it. My reading comprehension was proudly not great at that age. Is that what happened? I mean I remember the fight against ...

High Energy Jazz From the Funky Knuckles: “New Birth”

2/04/17 6:42:19 am
Greets and saluts from the resistance. Trump's up early this morning railing on the NY Times and the federal judge who issued a nationwide TRO against Trump's Muslim ban. Trump's statements against the judge's actions include calling him a "so-called ...