Trump Joins Forces With the Eurofascists

Bad craziness indeed
450Edge of a dream AKA Cankles Mccellulite
11/16/16 2:24:21 am
re: #77 Nyet quit being right, Nyet.

I’ve been writing about the convergence of US and European far right parties for years. Now here it is, out in the open, at the highest level of US government. The far right party Kyle Griffin is referring to is France’s Front National, which started as an openly Nazi-sympathizing, …

Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang?

12/17/08 11:53:42 am
re: #541 000G This whole above paragraph applies equally to any anti-democratic movement. Transnational progressives, for one. Military dictators, for another. Even divine-right monarchists. Do you think all opponents of democracy are fascists? Putting Charles I in the same bin ...

Vlaams Belang: Friends of Israel?

742galloping granny
11/10/08 5:45:22 pm
re: #736 J.S. I only hope that it matters whether the American public is more intelligent that the Obamatons. I'm afraid that barring some miracle with the Electoral College, it is too late. Much too late.

Neo-Fascists Win Big in Austria

10/03/08 7:21:33 am
Too bad that Europe has to resort to neo-Nazi philosophy in order for them to wake up to the dangers of Islam. I'm all for an anti-Moslem immigration party, but why the Nazi symbols? Can't they just think of some ...