Jeb Bush Bails Out, Beaten by the Trumpenstein

Jeb? Nope.
2/21/16 1:21:29 pm
re: #357 ObserverArt Trump is definitely only a symptom of a much larger problem.

In a sane election year Jeb Bush would have had a cakewalk to the GOP nomination, and not too long ago I thought he’d still be the chosen one just because he was next in line. But this isn’t a sane election year; it’s a year in which a …

Jeb Bush Tweets Picture of a Gun With the Word “America”

2/16/16 8:43:49 pm
re: #194 The Vicious Babushka That's still 'putative' baby daddy as far as I know. Considering Sarah Palin was out there stumping for Trump, this could possibly mean that all out war has been declared (and/or that MOH recipient Meyer ...

Lolwut of the Day: Jeb Bush Says the Problem With the Confederate Flag Wasn’t the Confederacy

Treason, slavery, civil war - not problems
12/23/15 9:24:57 pm
re: #80 wrenchwench If I remember correctly, that is the world's biggest building. At least it used to be. I'm not sure if it still holds the record.

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob and Chez Show, 8/4/15

One Trump to rule them all
163SteveMcGriftFlynnComey... ...corruptemoligate RN
8/05/15 1:13:06 pm
re: #162 Mattand First, shutting down traffic is not martial law. Second, this is no mere "conference". A conference may take place at the convention center or a hotel. Here you have millions of people coming. Shutting down traffic isn't ...

Jeb Bush Has the Gall to Accuse Climate Scientists of “Intellectual Arrogance”

The “soft denialism” of Jeb Bush
92(Bert the Turtle)
5/21/15 5:16:06 pm
re: #15 ObserverArt Way late on this one, but Priebus is ex-WisGoP. He's the same guy that weaseled his way into leadership back in the wave of 2010. He's going to be backing his man Walker(and his money men) as ...

GOP Clown Car Watch: The Jeb Bush Backflip: ‘I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq’

Knowing what he knows now, would Jeb know what he knows now?
5/15/15 12:09:41 pm
re: #401 BeenHereAwhile I forget the name of the station I listened to in Miami, but remember very well WGIV in Charlotte where I spent some of my teens. Genial Gene, Chattie Hattie and Rockin' Ray were all Black personalities ...

Jeb Bush Is a Fan of “Scientific Racist” Charles Murray

Jeb Bush and “scientific racism”
4/30/15 9:44:35 pm
The Aurora, CO theater shooting trial began on Monday. It's expected to last five months. Survivors of the massacre are testifying. The perpetrator of this crime is a monster, insane or not. Whatever happens to him, he cannot be a ...
Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

In Which Chuck C. Johnson Goes on an All-Night Hate Binge: “Obama is Probably Gay”

Award winning right wing journalism at its best
12/03/14 9:44:58 pm
re: #114 darthstar I would guess the cigarettes were probably purchased in a state where they are significantly cheaper than in New York. According to the Awl, a pack of smokes in New York costs $12.85. A pack in Virginia ...

Jeb Bush: No Place for Reagan in Today’s Crazed GOP

But don’t worry, wingnuts, he’s still blaming Obama for it
6/11/12 4:45:34 pm
I think Jeb Bush just threw the part in at the end so as to not burn all his bridges with the GOP. If he wants to gain control of this party run amok someday he'll need some boots on ...