Here We Go Again: Sessions Discussed Trump Campaign Matters With Russian Ambassador, Contrary to Sworn Testimony

Time for your weekly Washington Post bombshell
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re: #165 Anymouse 🌹 Mitch would do that for him. No shame.

We already knew that Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions had uh, forgotten his meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Trump campaign, but today we find out that even when he finally copped to those meetings, he still wasn’t telling the whole truth. Because it turns out that US …

Video: Samantha Bee on Sessions’s Southern-Fried SnoozeFest

What Jeff Sessions’s hearing lacked in authentic southern charm, it more than made up for in incomprehensibility
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6/15/17 5:03:36 pm
re: #172 Eclectic Cyborg If I don't recognize the number, it goes to (land line) answering machine or (Cell) voice mail and then the blocked list if no message left. If message left, reverse look up and then the block ...

WaPo: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Threatened to Resign

Even the most dedicated rats are thinking of jumping ship
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6/07/17 2:11:24 am
re: #143 The Ghost of Senator Incitatus Piers Morgan: "Millwall fans have a bad reputation, much of it deserved, but...." I've become an Arsenal fan simply because my son watches them and is a fan, but Piers being a fan ...