Former Washington Post Ombudman to Jeff Bezos: Fire Jennifer Rubin

Good advice
45Decatur Deb
8/15/13 1:44:56 pm
Don't know anything about Lavabit I didn't learn here, but 'child porn' could easily become the witchcraft mania of the Intertubes, especially in politically charged cases.
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Patrick Pexton was ombudsman of the Washington Post until March 2013, and he has some advice for new owner Jeff Bezos: %%OLIST=Grow a thick skin. Remember that you’re selling news. Get to know your audience. Fire the hell out of right wing shill Jennifer Rubin.%% Jennifer Rubin responds:

Jennifer Rubin Whitesplains: There Is No Racism, and Obama Is ‘Not a Good Person’ for Talking About It

This person writes for the Washington Post
7/23/13 7:22:39 pm
Using your logic, Ms. Rubin, I guess anti-Semitism effectively ended with the fall of the Third Reich and subsequent 1948 establishment of the independent state of Israel, and anyone who claims anti-Semitism is alive & well is not is a ...
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WaPo Conservative Blogger Jennifer Rubin Cites White Nationalist Robert Stacy McCain

The new conservative baseline
504Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/28/13 7:42:20 am
re: #503 Destro You do know that a ton of libertarians vote and identify as Republican too, right? And again, it's really cool that you learned the word 'pettifog' but using it constantly is silly.
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