Great Video: Rachel Maddow Calls Out the Anti-Science Right

2/21/14 5:50:23 pm
A march to general Russian consulate in Kharkiv Not your people, Yanuk.

A great segment from Rachel Maddow digs into the ridiculous anti-science positions of right wing quack Jerome Corsi — specifically, his latest book about “abiotic” oil — and segues into the even more outrageous and disturbing fact that top Republican officials in North Carolina believe in the same pseudo-scientific …

Craziest Wingnut Rant of the Day: Jerome Corsi: ‘Was Obama Married Before He Was Married?’

Hallucinatory homophobia
737A Mom Anon
8/10/12 12:22:18 pm
re: #691 What Would Spalding Gray Do? The husband and the son went to see them when they were in Atlanta, my son was so stoked for days before and after. Husband said the crowd was about half and half ...

Corsi: Still Trying to Work the Birther Angle

A good scam never dies
5/27/11 2:23:18 am
I realize I'm a little late to this thread, but it's worth pointing out that the book is still doing quite well, #59 on and 535 on Kindle at the moment. I was just at Book Expo America, and ...