"It's us or them" - a Netanyahu poster found on many streets & billboards across the country

Israeli Election Thread

Ongoing with the latest developments from Israel’s parliamentary elections today
328The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
3/17/15 3:56:21 pm
re: #325 The Mother Of All Pies Thanks!

Rachel Maddow on President Obama’s Extraordinary Appeal to Israelis and Palestinians

Stepping outside the box
3/22/13 6:28:22 pm
While there's nothing wrong with what the President said, I contend that it's wrong to say that he's attemping something unusual trying to get Israelis to empathize with Palestinians. I've seen such attempts before. I remember a journal called "Bitter ...

#Breitbart.com Desperately Spinning Romney’s Jerusalem Speech

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7/31/12 9:01:17 am
re: #33 wrenchwench I bet they aren't helping on purpose. Think about it. And the direction the party is headed. What better way to go even further right than sabotaging the Romney campaign, assuring President Obama gets a 2nd term. ...

Romney Decides It’s More Politically Expedient Not to Ban the Press

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7/29/12 7:18:50 pm
re: #87 Ojoe By "Herbert Hoover" I believe you mean "FDR" since after all Obama inherted a huge recession while helping the economy improve under his watch, but not able to fix things fast enough all the same. In what ...

Mahmoud Abbas’ Official PA Newspaper Glorifies Mass Murder

3/10/08 9:12:43 pm
The very first thing required in the road map is that the Palestinian Authority stop promoting terrorism. But by referring to the murderer of 8 high school students as a "shaheed", the Palestinian Authority continues to promote terrorism. The peace-delusion-process ...