Chief Justice Roberts Seems to Believe the South Has No Special Problem With Racism

Right wing trying to bring back discriminatory voting
429Decatur Deb
2/27/13 5:14:01 pm
re: #126 FemNaziBitch Their 'Yahwists' are Black separatist religious groups with some record of violence.

Here goes the Republican Party’s latest serious attempt to get rid of that troublesome Voting Rights Act that they’ve hated with a special vitriol ever since it was enacted: Voting Rights Act Takes a Beating in the Supreme Court. The right wing justices are sounding a lot like right wing …

Now the GOP Is Trying to Kill the Voting Rights Act

The Republican Party’s total war on minorities
2/19/12 6:00:58 pm
GOP-controlled state legislatures should simply cut to the chase and create a bill stating that the only residents who are qualified to vote in general elections are registered members of the Republican Party.

Christie: Civil Rights Struggle Could Have Been Resolved by Voting

New Jersey governor suddenly sounds like Ron Paul
122Charleston Chew
1/28/12 7:02:23 am
If there had been a national vote on civil rights, the results would have looked like this, with yellow states for it, green opposed, and red strongly opposed. Image:

Pastor of Obama’s Easter Church Receives Racist Threats After Sean Hannity Show

‘James Crow, Esquire’
4/29/11 9:07:29 am
re: #115 HoosierHoops I've been in a cooking phase again. This morning, it was Honey bread made in my clay oven (oh man, is that good bread!) Tomorrow, when my Lodge enameled dutch oven gets here, I think I'll break ...