Video: VP Biden Announces He Won’t Run for President

From the Rose Garden
10/21/15 8:49:57 pm
Good for Joe. Now he can drive his Trans-Vette or whatever it is. They don't let Presidents drive.

After Fox News announced yesterday that Vice President Joe Biden would be running for President in 2016, it should be no surprise that today Biden bailed out of the race. This is a good thing; if Biden had decided to go for it, he would not have been able …

Palin, Suddenly Concerned About ‘Black Americans,’ Suggests Obama Should Drop Biden for Hillary

Jay Carney: “They know what they’re saying about this is ridiculous”
8/16/12 4:36:13 pm
So Palin is giving advice to the Obama campaign now? Really? "I don't want Obama to win, but here is some advise that might enable him to do just that." The logic here is somewhat akin to George Bailey taking ...
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