Ted Cruz Mocks Joe Biden the Day Before Beau Biden’s Funeral

This is who they are
143Saint Stephen
6/04/15 2:07:45 pm
"Senator Ted Cruz," I say to faint laughter. "You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line." Besides the obvious bad taste, why is he campaigning by making fun of the current VP, who in all probability will ...
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A sordid tale told on Twitter.

Palin, Suddenly Concerned About ‘Black Americans,’ Suggests Obama Should Drop Biden for Hillary

Jay Carney: “They know what they’re saying about this is ridiculous”
8/16/12 4:36:13 pm
So Palin is giving advice to the Obama campaign now? Really? "I don't want Obama to win, but here is some advise that might enable him to do just that." The logic here is somewhat akin to George Bailey taking ...
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