Joe the Plumber to Families of Isla Vista Victims: ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump’ the 2nd Amendment

5/28/14 4:17:43 pm
re: #200 Bubblehead II If the law does not stop them why bother making murder illegal at all?

Right wing fringe figures like Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (dubbed “Joe the Plumber” in one of the most hideous political moments in recent history) are still covering themselves in glory, following the awful mass murder in Isla Vista. Joe’s message to the families of the victims: he’s really sorry and all, …

Joe the Plumber Says Comment About 6M Jews Killed Between 1938 and 1945 in Germany Wasn’t About the Holocaust

Apparent campaign strategy: just keep on digging
100Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/26/12 5:50:50 am
re: #99 Buck I can't tell what the hell you're talking about. Race doesn't exist. Culture does. Oh? Who were you talking about? I figured you were talking about the majority of anti-semites in France. Did you want to talk ...

Pro-Walker Bus Tour Ends with a Whimper

Questions arise about Joe the Plumber’s drawing power
3/08/11 6:43:08 am
re: #118 lostlakehiker What a crop of bullshit. Come to the South Btonx ad tell me how safe it is to be a teacher (and there are "South Bronx" neighborhoods in every single state). Tell me, how do you feel ...