Breitbart Hack Joel Pollak Says Michelle Obama Copied… the Dreaded Alinsky!

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7/19/16 9:05:55 pm
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I know the previous article was titled “The 3 Most Amazing And/Or Ridiculous Republican Attempts to Deny Melania Trump’s Plagiarism,” but that was before I saw this amazingly dim-witted post at Breitbart “News” by Joel Pollak: Michelle Obama Copied Alinsky in Speech Melania Trump Plagiarized. ALINSKY! ALINSKY! [lights hair …

Mocked for Pushing Fake Story, Breitbrats Go Totally Ballistic

Desperately thrashing Breitbart
214Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/21/13 2:25:15 pm
re: #98 Gus Well, it's not what he said, but it's included within it. If you think Native American juries can't try non-Indians fairly, then you think that Native American juries can't try white people fairly. So it's still a ...
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Soledad O’Brien Interviews Expert on Critical Race Theory, Destroys’s Lies

3/15/12 1:45:57 pm
Some elements of Critical Race theory do involve the issue of "whiteness" being a social currency giving you an inherent advantage in a system made by whites for whites. In a way it is about white supremacy because the whole ...
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