Trump’s Pick for Budget Director: A Far Right Congressman Tied to the John Birch Society

Trump puts a guy in charge of the budget who spoke to a group that wants to return to the Gold Standard
12/19/16 4:35:45 pm
re: #384 allegro Just saw this comment closing out reading... Thank You! Think of how many people that say they aren't going to vote in a deeply red state because their vote doesn't count. And how many who might say ...

Donald Trump’s cabinet and agency picks are almost universally horrifying (if you aren’t an extreme right wing loon), a wildly unqualified crew of billionaire former Goldman Sachs executives, retired generals with strange ideas, and now — a far right Congressman from South Carolina with ties to the John Birch …

Ron Paul, John Birch Society President to Speak at Anti-Semitic Conference

The guy Julian Assange thinks is America’s “only hope” will address a radical antisemitic group
8/20/13 8:33:16 pm
re: #355 As Stupid as I Look How's that gorgeous red head boy? Is there any Norwegian ancestors? Or is it Celt?

John Birch Society Freaking Out About Southern Poverty Law Center

2/11/13 1:15:55 pm
The irony of this JBS rant (which I am sure totally escapes them) is that for its entire 54 year existence, the Birch Society has explicitly described its perceived opponents and critics as dangerous, subversive, un-American, traitors, etc. Furthermore, the ...

Video: Ron Paul’s 1998 John Birch Society Documentary on the UN Plot To Take Over the USA

13 years later, still no takeover
12/26/11 7:58:10 pm
re: #77 SanFranciscoZionist Ha, wait till he finds you're a troo, truly black Black. Then, the fun really starts with blathertarians and libbercons, in particular. Whites are always bragging about that they hear what's said behind our backs when we're ...

Frum Forum Asks a Question That Answers Itself

Uh, maybe because he’s crazy too?
5/06/11 1:50:37 pm
re: #305 lostlakehiker ever worked in social work? Ever seen human behavior of people in crisis up close? of people in extreme pain, in the throes of psychosis? Hallucinating because they have acute schizophrenia? People are not robots. You cannot ...

Republican Presidential Debate #1, Ron Paul Edition

Crazy Uncle’s comeback
5/07/11 9:34:00 am
re: #112 Simply Sarah yeah republican politicians LOVE to just say crazy shit while playing "fast and loose" with the facts, and then use said crazy shit as justification for their insane party-line policies

GOP Debate Sponsored by Oath Keepers Militia and John Birch Society

Conservative movement farther off the rails than ever
388Charles Johnson
5/06/11 11:08:10 am
re: #387 Slumbering Behemoth This was a Chinese spammer, leaving this comment as cover while posting spam comments in other threads. Now blocked.

Religious Right Groups Call on CPAC to Eject GOProud, Like Buckley Ejected the John Birch Society

429Talking Point Detective
11/24/10 6:58:13 am
re: #426 Fozzie Bear A lack of belief isn't what I've been saying I think is an article of faith. The belief that "I am 100% sure that god does not exist" is what I'm characterizing as an article of ...

Ron Paul Wants to End the Fed, So the GOP Puts Him in Charge of the Fed

579Slumbering Behemoth Stinks
11/06/10 11:15:16 pm
re: #578 cwolff Um, Ron Paul is still in office, and is now heading the House subcommittee that will be fucking the Fed, and our nation. I bet that little dictator Paul can't believe his luck.

Sharron Angle to Hispanic Kids: ‘Some of You Look Asian to Me’

10/18/10 1:22:04 pm
Hey? Whats the beef? They were all Asian less than 40,000 years ago before they crossed the Bering land bridge. ///Mexicans, Asians, who can tell the difference, they are all brown skinned people after all...err right?