Video: Stephen Colbert Falls Victim to CNN’s ‘Fake News’

2 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #14 Backwoods_Sleuth ""David Hogg's attempt to end Laura Ingraham's career sets dangerous precedent"" It sure does, and the dangerous precedent is a clear message to persons like Ingraham that you shouldn't f*ck with people because sometimes you meet your ...

He’s So Far Right He Almost Wraps Around, He’s Rabidly Anti-Muslim and Pro-War, and He’s Trump’s New NatSec Adviser

295Blind Frog Belly White
3 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #262 Anymouse 🌹 But perhaps we need to ask ourselves, What is it about White culture that keeps producing this violence? - Maybe it's in the lyrics of their "Country Music", where bad thing after bad thing befalls them. ...

Video: John Bolton Suggests Russian Election Hacks Were “False Flag” by Obama Administration

This is so bad
12/13/16 1:35:32 pm
re: #20 KGxvi Indeed, though one of the bigger problems (first world style) in the tropics is that you don't generally find good beer there. Hawaii is one exception, of course. (Yeah, I'm a hophead!)

Mitt #Romney, Pamela Geller, EDL’s Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer and John Bolton

A photo montage
10/16/12 10:41:43 pm
Gus By the way, I told Loon Watch about this, and they mentioned you and your post here. This is What You Can Expect From a Mitt Romney Presidency: Islamophobia

At RJC Forum, Gingrich Says He’ll Appoint John Bolton As Secretary of State

With Pamela Geller as ambassador to Saudi Arabia?
12/07/11 5:30:25 pm
re: #80 JRCMYP Except he decided against speaking at the event at the last minute. Maybe he's beginning to realize that it might not be in his long term interest to be associated with these people.

Fox News Suspends Gingrich and Santorum

An ethical charade
3/02/11 10:43:45 pm
re: #3 jamesfirecat "Look is their anybody here who isn't planning to run for President?" That's the thing. Nobody is committing. Santorum and Gingrich need to get off the bench and get in the race. Fox is just giving them ...