Jonah Goldberg Would Like the GOP to “Get More Racist”

Goldberg’s recipe for right wing victory
11/26/12 2:14:33 pm
re: #481 CuriousLurker I resemble that remark.

It’s time to play “What the Hell is Jonah Goldberg Trying to Say Here?” as the National Review editor-at-large (“at large” in this case means writing an op-ed for the New York Post) admonishes the Republican Party: GOP, Get More ‘Racist’. Go ahead and click through; maybe you can …

Yes, Another White Nationalist at National Review

Not learning lessons
85Charles Johnson
6/20/12 12:28:18 pm
re: #84 Dark_Falcon So now National Review is in the business of giving a voice to white supremacists, so they can "reply?" I don't know if you realize, but this doesn't make them look any better.

Derbyshire: ‘White Supremacist’ Is ‘Not Bad Semantically’

A white supremacist by any other name
5/13/12 3:38:11 pm
re: #424 WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.] We should let all the Ayn Rand fans have a parcel of land in which to "go Galt" just for the entertainment of watching them seek a bailout within the first 5 years.

Breitbart Blogger Dan Riehl Defends John Derbyshire’s Racist Article

The only surprise is that it took him a whole day to come up with a spin
4/08/12 12:23:44 am
re: #141 Lidane As I have always said: Bigots NEVER hate just one innocent group. Racists are also sexist, homophobes, antisemites - you name it. But among all the "doesn't ring true" bits of that story, the one that struck ...

National Review’s John Derbyshire Publishes Stunningly Racist Article at White Nationalist Site

The Trayvon Martin case is bringing the racists out of the woodwork
4/07/12 8:49:10 pm
re: #18 Charles Johnson Well, it's hard for THEM to find people you don't think are racist - their circles are really small! (The saddest part about the article above? Reverse the colors, & for a good chunk of it, ...