Jonah Goldberg Would Like the GOP to “Get More Racist”

Goldberg’s recipe for right wing victory
11/26/12 2:14:33 pm
re: #481 CuriousLurker I resemble that remark.
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It’s time to play “What the Hell is Jonah Goldberg Trying to Say Here?” as the National Review editor-at-large (“at large” in this case means writing an op-ed for the New York Post) admonishes the Republican Party: GOP, Get More ‘Racist’. Go ahead and click through; maybe you can …

Breitbart Blogger Dan Riehl Defends John Derbyshire’s Racist Article

The only surprise is that it took him a whole day to come up with a spin
4/08/12 12:23:44 am
re: #141 Lidane As I have always said: Bigots NEVER hate just one innocent group. Racists are also sexist, homophobes, antisemites - you name it. But among all the "doesn't ring true" bits of that story, the one that struck ...
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National Review’s John Derbyshire Publishes Stunningly Racist Article at White Nationalist Site

The Trayvon Martin case is bringing the racists out of the woodwork
4/07/12 8:49:10 pm
re: #18 Charles Johnson Well, it's hard for THEM to find people you don't think are racist - their circles are really small! (The saddest part about the article above? Reverse the colors, & for a good chunk of it, ...
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