NYT Report: Trump’s Lawyer Offered to Pardon Manafort and Flynn to Keep Mum

3 weeks ago
re: #442 TedStriker This clip is an example of why it freaked people out so bad to think of Roseanne as being a Trumperroid.

This looks very bad for Trump’s former lead counsel John Dowd: Trump lawyer floated idea of pardoning Manafort and Flynn. Imagine my shock and surprise that everyone involved in this story is vigorously denying it. But it strongly suggests there was more behind Dowd’s departure from Trump’s legal team than …

Watch Live as the Chaos Reigns and the Liars Lie: White House Press Briefing w/ Sarah Sanders

3 weeks ago
re: #27 Backwoods_Sleuth Well, I guess we can eliminate courts now. The police just take over and hand out the punishments...no prosecutors, no courtrooms. Everyone gets a death sentence no matter what the crime. If there was even a crime. ...