Hagee: Jews Will Make End Times Deal With Antichrist, 9/11 Was God’s Judgment

11/16/13 2:38:09 pm
re: #21 team_fukit Whenever I saw van Impe on the TV, he would excitedly start spouting off various Bible verses, followed by some kind of Christian numerology BS. Towards the end of his rants he sounded like the output of ...

Video: Secular Humanism and Harry Potter Are Ruining America

‘Your children can be taught witchcraft by Harry Potter’
131Sir John Barron
9/19/11 9:01:20 am
I'll just say that in Fundy world, citing HP and secular humanism as the causes of American ruin is what passes for "courage", "standing for something" and "absolute truth" telling. I'm still amazed at how many otherwise intelligent people suck ...

Pastor Hagee’s Rapture Novel Goes Hollywood

Crazed fundamentalist End Times paranoia with special FX
3/28/11 5:46:32 pm
I just want to say, that as a Jew, I'm glad the Jerusalem Countdown was made, complete with CGI and the bionic man. Its storyline promises to provide comedy writers, most of whom are Jewish, rich material for at least ...