Kerry Faces the House of Representatives

367Reality Based Steve
9/04/13 6:00:21 pm
I've already seen some RWNJs starting to float the meme that since Syria isn't a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, it's perfectly legal for them to use Chemical Weapons within their own borders. Question for the Lizards, who among ...

C-SPAN has live video of John Kerry and Chuck Hagel answering questions about Syria from the wonderful people in the House of Representatives. (The ones who bothered to show up, that is.) Here’s a thread to discuss… UPDATE at 9/4/13 12:40:32 pm Just in:

Glenn Beck suspects something sinister in the Teresa Heinz Kerry hospitalization

“You’ve so violated our trust, I don’t know what’s real anymore!!!”
7/09/13 11:16:41 am
If you're a Comcast subscriber, go take a look in their customer forums under the Channels and Programming section and check-out the 11-page Beck-fest from his fans pleading Comcast to start carrying Blaze. It's pretty sad and hilarious.