Video: John Oliver’s Funny but Sobering Post-Mortem on the Thing

No grandpa is too racist to become leader of the free world
504Edge of a dream AKA Cankles Mccellulite
11/16/16 8:19:19 am
re: #212 Sir John Barron I hate that I'm in love with Lidadane.

John Oliver devoted his entire show last night to the thing. You know the thing I’m talking about. Yes, that thing. One of his main points is something we’re all going to have to take to heart: we must resist the inevitable attempts to normalize the Trump presidency and …

John Oliver’s Piece on Trump’s Border Wall Is Awesome

Categorized under “Humor,” but full of stuff that isn’t very funny
3/23/16 2:13:33 am
re: #216 FormerDirtDart It still must feel good to the ego to get hundreds of votes for YOU. I am sure Christie is saying to himself, "I could totally fill a bar in Phoenix with supporters if I wanted to." ...

John Oliver’s Latest Bit Is on Food Waste, but There’s Also a Great Shot at Donald Trump

“But hold on, John, what if I’m an asshole who couldn’t give a shit about hungry families?”
290Joe Bacon
7/20/15 6:05:58 pm
re: #2 Backwoods_Sleuth You too can look like Mr. Olympia after pumping yourself with steroids. Never mind that a couple years down the road you've burned out your kidneys, have various pancreatic/liver/brain tumors, degenerative arthritis and testicles the size of ...

John Oliver’s Must-See Interview With Edward Snowden

Oliver to Snowden: “You have to own that”
204unproven innocence
4/06/15 3:05:04 pm
Equationgroupie or Panopticontra? As a free American citizen, that is choice for me to make --or not. The problem, as I see it, is that such decisions will inevitably be made, but not by me --and probably without any consideration ...

John Oliver Examines the Freaky Stuff Going on in State Legislatures

With a bit about ALEC
11/04/14 12:39:12 pm
re: #770 BeachDem Right. Rand and Ron Paul sound great and then you really listen to what they believe and you realize "Uh hell no, this would actually be worse." I'll give Rand some grudging credit he does seem to ...