Yet Another Astounding Solo Guitar Performance by Jon Gomm: “The Secret of Learning to Fly Is Forgetting to Hit the Ground”

249Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
11/25/17 6:04:17 am
re: #169 Charles Johnson ReplyReply w/ Quote ReplyReply w/ Quote We are at the point where we can read Putin's state of mind and future strategy by Trump's actions. Trump's promotion of the military while undermining State and the intelligence ...

Monday Acoustic Break: Jon Gomm - “Ain’t Nobody”

Chaka Khan
585Unshaken Defiance
11/20/12 1:43:10 pm
re: #565 goddamnedfrank Uh huh. In their dreams maybe. The big target was bombers. Everything else was wishful thinking, unlike today. Deactivation When it became apparent that the greatest threat to US National defense was from missiles instead of bombers, ...