Jon Stewart on Fox News’ Absolutely Horrible Coverage of Ferguson

Describing the actual facts of the case really does color the way we look at it
8/27/14 6:06:59 pm
re: #271 Charles Johnson I was out at Death Valley a few years back, and rented a 4x4 to do the off-road trip to Racetrack Playa. Photos don't ever do it justice. It was amazing. You see these rocks sitting ...
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Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s Bizarre ‘Waterboarding Baptism’ Statement: Huh?

Huh?! Talks
5/01/14 8:53:24 am
Aside from the deeply offensive content, her delivery is getting more and more bizarre. Her voice is getting ever more Phyllis Schlafly-like, her gestures are weird and disconnected with what she is saying, and what's with those random pauses?
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