John Oliver’s Piece on Trump’s Border Wall Is Awesome

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3/23/16 2:13:33 am
re: #216 FormerDirtDart It still must feel good to the ego to get hundreds of votes for YOU. I am sure Christie is saying to himself, "I could totally fill a bar in Phoenix with supporters if I wanted to." ...
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John Oliver continues his evil scheme to take over Jon Stewart’s legacy with a brilliant piece about the feasibility (or lack thereof) of Donald Trump’s big, beautiful border wall.

Jon Stewart on Fox News’ Absolutely Horrible Coverage of Ferguson

Describing the actual facts of the case really does color the way we look at it
8/27/14 6:06:59 pm
re: #271 Charles Johnson I was out at Death Valley a few years back, and rented a 4x4 to do the off-road trip to Racetrack Playa. Photos don't ever do it justice. It was amazing. You see these rocks sitting ...
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Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s Bizarre ‘Waterboarding Baptism’ Statement: Huh?

Huh?! Talks
5/01/14 8:53:24 am
Aside from the deeply offensive content, her delivery is getting more and more bizarre. Her voice is getting ever more Phyllis Schlafly-like, her gestures are weird and disconnected with what she is saying, and what's with those random pauses?
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