The Dark Forces Empowered by Donald Trump: Hate Rising, by Jorge Ramos

10/31/16 10:56:45 am
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Latino journalist Jorge Ramos brings us a disturbing, sobering look at the dark forces that have always been on the fringes of American society — but are now newly empowered by the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

Yet Another Deluge of Racial Slurs and Hate Speech at Breitbart “News,” Directed at Jorge Ramos

The right wing base in all its glory
8/28/15 9:20:21 pm
Breitbart literally is the most racist site on the internet. That includes being more racist than Stormfront and other neo-Nazi sites.

The Trump Campaign in a Nutshell: Kicks Out Mexican-American Reporter, Says “Go Back to Univision”

Right wing blogs cheer wildly
8/26/15 8:35:52 pm
re: #419 Agnostick Sorry to hear your delicate sense of decorum was disrupted by hearing one man speak out of turn. Hopefully your fainting couch was nearby. As for the sports press conference analogy, it's worthless. When athletes and coaches ...