Sunday Jam: Regina Spektor - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

3/12/17 10:24:17 pm
re: #216 Teukka In Denmark, the bill would be 0. Hospital stays and ER admissions are paid for by our taxes. I am actually surprised that you have charges for these kind of things in Sweden.

Here’s a great solo mini-concert by Regina Spektor, followed by an interview in which she discusses — among other things — the advent of the Trump Horror and what it means for musicians and artists and everyone else.

Saturday Night Acoustic: The Tallest Man on Earth, “Where Do My Bluebird Fly”

With all this fever in my mind
2/09/14 12:24:55 pm
re: #100 Ryan King God, Shapiro is an ignorant little shit. Hoffman died because he was an addict and despite all his best efforts and his 20%2B years of sobriety, his demons still won. It's as simple as that. His ...