The Title of Jim Hoft’s Latest Fear-Mongering Post Is Debunked by His Own Post

The idiocy. It burns.
351Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
11/01/14 3:13:55 pm
re: #329 Dark_Falcon One of the little-appreciated factors in the winning of WWII is the fact that we had so much modern infrastructure that helped us win that war. We did not win it because of the excellence of our ...

The mindless, dishonest fear-mongering never stops. The Dumbest Man on the Internet is relentless. And now, his latest tactic is to use a title that’s completely belied by the actual article he’s quoting; he obviously knows his knuckle-dragging audience of right wing goons aren’t going to read or care about …

Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

The Unethical, Dishonest Ebola Coverage of Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson

Lies, personal attacks and unethical behavior
11/01/14 9:05:26 am
"Ethics" and "Ethical Behavior" have never had any place in the right wing mindset. Ever. "Might Makes Right" and any means to the ideological goal are the keystones of their ideology. This is the sort of world they wish to ...

Maine Judge Lifts Mandatory Quarantine on Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Somebody’s confused
10/31/14 8:55:19 pm
Active monitoring =/= quarantine. If you go to the CDC website, you can search for "Interim guidance on monitoring and movement for persons with potential Ebola exposure." Table 1 explains exactly what the risk categories are and what level of ...

Jim Hoft Repeats the Right Wing Lie of the Week: That Nurse Kaci Hickox Hid Her CDC Job

Horrible people doing horrible things to decent people
212Decatur Deb
10/28/14 3:09:25 pm
re: #211 ausador "Say Pierre, do me a favor m'kay? These paid hacks are really starting to piss me off. Just pay them to sit around and do nothing. They're lazy, they'll bite." "Sure thing Mr. President."