Kansas Sec. of State Kobach’s Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Deadline

“An administrative error”
4/11/16 9:29:01 pm
re: #178 Stanley Sea There's some subtle political difference between Pat's and Geno's (something about the owners, or locations, or clientele), but they taste the same.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is well known for his anti-immigrant views and connections to far right white nationalist organizations, and in 2012 he tried to get President Obama removed from presidential election ballots in the state because, he said, there was evidence Obama’s birth certificate was faked. …

Right Wing Bloggers Immediately Started Portraying the Kansas Neo-Nazi Shooter as a “Democrat”

They do it every time a right winger kills people
4/14/14 7:30:00 pm
In the opposite-verse, where "your" is "you're" the liberals are the real racists, and no one can hear you scream.

KS Shooting Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller’s 2010 Interview: He’s a Fan of Ron Paul

“It’s the Jews, stupid”
103Hercules Grytpype-Thynneghazi
4/14/14 1:34:24 pm
re: #73 HappyWarrior It's much older than Limbaugh though. I remember seeing in in Republican Party publications from the Nixon era.

Kris Kobach, Notorious SB 1070 Racist, Laying Groundwork for Two-Tier Voting System

So are Ken Bennett and Tom Horne of Arizona.
10/09/13 11:03:54 am
re: #222 francis You just insulted all minorities, and in fact, everyone, who has ever voted for a non-Republican. Why are you so hard to educate?

Pro Lifer Discusses Shooting Abortion Providers

Sympathizes with anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder in interview
4/24/13 10:27:02 pm
Why are people continuing to respond to this condescending, parsing, human talking point? He's on auto water muddying, and he's at boss level. Just ignore him.

Kansas GOP Birthers Want to Remove Obama from the Ballot

What’s the matter with Kansas?
163funky chicken
9/14/12 4:07:36 pm
re: #23 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance Link to ABC article, where it says her tox screen was negative. She was in jail for a "minor drug charge" that was apparently bogus...hadn't even gone before a judge. abc15.com ...

Federal Judge Orders Kansas to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding

The Republican Party loses another battle in their war on women’s rights
8/31/11 2:17:16 pm
re: #158 lostlakehiker I'd say yes to Jefferson siring a child with Hemings, but is there a particualr reason why you decided to post this question on a dead thread?

GOP Misogyny Watch: Kansas Rep. Compares Rape Pregnancy to Flat Tire

Inhuman, sick, and deranged
5/24/11 5:13:35 pm
re: #87 kirkspencer Very true. I hear the very common mantra among conservatives that John McCain didn't win because he wasn't conservative enough. Absolute denial of reality, some of these folks live in.

The Far Right Refocuses on States

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights goes local
4/27/11 8:03:38 am
re: #627 Soap_Man It could be exactly what the president said. That he issue has become such a huge shiny object that none of the serious stuff gets discussed, abnd his hope is that this will take the spotlight off ...