Wisconsin Prosecutors Say Scott Walker Ran a “Criminal Scheme”

144Jack Burton
6/19/14 3:17:04 pm
re: #45 Dr Lizardo I had a similar experience driving through Arizona to go to a wedding. We didn't compare it to Hell (That's Riverside CA in August), but the nicest thing we could say about Tuscon was "So this ...

In Wisconsin, a “John Doe” probe into the recall election has apparently uncovered evidence that Gov. Scott Walker ran “a criminal scheme” to bypass state election laws, by illegally coordinating the efforts of 12 conservative groups. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: And look who else was involved in this alleged …

Tea Party Group Sends Fundraising Email With Pic of Karl Rove in Nazi Uniform

Teabaggers do the darnedest things
2/20/13 7:16:19 am
It is only a matter of time before the Tea Party is labelled a Hate Group. As it should be. It distorts reality, elevates religion over science, and treats the poor and weak in our society as moochers and scumbags. ...

Karl Rove Prophetic: ‘Climate is Gone’

574Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
11/05/10 12:42:20 pm
re: re: #567 JasonA I love how the mentally ill talk about what "we" will do. I see it a lot on the internet, and there is no "we" to do anything. Just a sad, delusional individual with maybe a ...

Teabags Ascendant: Rove Kneels to O’Donnell

9/16/10 6:55:53 pm
re: #42 Walter L. Newton This was a while back...ok...a long while back. But anyway. The MN republicans nominated a crazy right winger instead of a the nice sensible moderate, Arne Carlson. The crazy right winger imploded before the election ...

Dan Riehl: Investigate Karl Rove for Showing Signs of Intelligence

9/15/10 8:50:37 pm
re: #153 HappyWarrior Rove won't care even if Fox fires him. Hell, with that on his resume, CNN or MSNBC will hire him! Props to Rove for saying what he was thinking and not saying what Hannity et al wanted ...