Keith Olbermann’s Latest: Hillary Was Wrong - All of Trump’s Supporters Are “Deplorable”

With bonus Katrina Pierson impersonation
9/19/16 3:26:28 am
re: #157 Ojoe Dead thread troll being deplorable. Normalizing white supremacy and racism by holding the female candidate and by default 'the left' to some moral standard yet silent on all the deplorable shit the right is saying and stands ...

National Enquirer Pushes #TedCruzSexScandal

Something you really don’t want to visualize
3/26/16 1:08:32 pm
re: #15 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance I think you're either going to be stuck with suffering through it until your nose clear up naturally, or you're going to have to get a script from your doc. My ...

Yet Another Donald Trump Spokesperson Associating With a White Supremacist

The Trump campaign has a clear affinity for racists of all stripes
3/18/16 6:46:32 am
There's a missing piece in this article. Katrina Pierson is black. I don't know if that fact was left out on purpose, but knowing that creates an interesting dynamic to be explored.

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: “Maybe I’ll Wear a Fetus Next Time”

Right wing humor
12/31/15 10:11:24 am
No one gets it. Republicans know they cannot win the Presidency. They have no policies that work any more. if they let a Democrat win the Presidency then they can keep obstructing and using rhetoric to whip up anger and ...

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson Wears Necklace of Bullets on CNN, Interviewer Doesn’t Even Mention It

This is crazy
290Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
12/30/15 7:26:41 am
There are a lot of complete morons on Twitter cheering her on for being as awful as they are. Some idiot even called his betters "beta." This is UpChucks moronic subculture.