Video: Samantha Bee Backs the Bus Over Kellyanne Conway

2Khal Wimpo (no longer entitled to his own facts)
23 seconds ago
"Donald Trump's omnipresent spokes-cobra ... " That's a pretty good start. SNL portrays her as having a conscience and being remorseful for inflicting Trump on America. I don't see that at all. She's Goebbels with a bad dye-job. That's all. ...

Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Issues Veiled Threat of Legal Action Against Harry Reid

Reid “should be very careful … in a legal sense”
11/14/16 6:05:51 am
re: #40 jaunte Con artists like Alex Jones need to rail against something sinister and unseen at all times. There always has to be a boogeyman in order to make his living. With all the politcal power now in the ...