Breaking: Kentucky’s Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins Slams Kim Davis and Her “Out of State Charlatan Lawyers”

“Liberty Counsel will leave Kim Davis high and dry when this charade is over”
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ooh... is good.

LGF reader “ipsos” tipped us off to this Facebook post by Shannon Ragland at the Kentucky Trial Court Review, on the horrible religious right showdown going on in Kentucky’s Rowan County, where Kim Davis is refusing to issue marriage certificates to same sex couples and claiming a “religious freedom” …

Kentucky Moves Ahead with Tax Breaks for Creationists

12/24/10 2:14:43 pm
Several years ago there was a discussion amongst a number of academics on the subject of evolution and the relevance of the recently completed genome project. Then suddenly on a video screen appeared a chap with an Australian accent spouting ...
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Rand Paul Assailed by Tea Partiers for Taking DC Money (But They’re Fine with Neo-Nazi Money)

7/06/10 5:16:33 am
I had not seen the original Ron Paul post where he gladly accepted money from Neo-Nazis. That has been bookmarked and will be promptly sent to anyone who tells me that Ron Paul is the only hope for the country. ...