Breaking: Donald Trump Sued by Assaulted Louisville Protesters for Inciting a Riot

The consequences of inciting violence
4/01/16 12:02:15 am
Lawsuit Scribd

Joe Sonka reports tonight that Donald Trump is being sued by three protesters who were assaulted by his supporters at his rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Will Receive Award From Anti-Gay Hate Group

And now, the cashing in
247unproven innocence
9/14/15 8:57:32 pm
re: #205 Blind Frog Belly White I wish I could answer candidly without reservation, but briefly stated: What we did to get OBL, whose innocence was never in question, was to assemble the most invasive and far-reaching surveillance and data-gathering ...

Here We Go Again: Kim Davis Asks Appeals Court to Let Her Stop Same Sex Marriages Again

The bigot brigade goes into action again
182Dr. Matt
9/13/15 8:59:41 am
Another Texas High School Football Player Hits Ref If this was Chicago, Fox "news" and am hate radio would make this an issue....and blame Obama.

Oath Keepers Militia Says They’ll Prevent US Marshals From Arresting Kim Davis Again

Oh great - here come the armed loons
9/11/15 9:30:07 am
re: #53 HappyWarrior When the wingnuts start bringing up Churchill they also conveniently forget he was instrumental in forming a committee advocating the universal health care system, NHS ...or as wingnuts call it, ...Obamacare on Steroids from the Pits of ...

Photos: The People Who Turned Out to Support Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

“Intolerance is a beautiful thing”
9/07/15 1:44:05 pm
The first great blog I enjoyed in the terrible days after the 2000 election was called "Media Whores Online." Time for a revival? The media seems to have lost its mind as much as it did after the election of ...

Kentucky’s Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins Slams Kim Davis and Her “Out of State Charlatan Lawyers”

“Liberty Counsel will leave Kim Davis high and dry when this charade is over”
135Eric The Fruit Bat
9/03/15 7:46:20 am
re: #93 Charles Johnson Yep. Any Time any Federal agent knocks on your door think 18 USC 1001 and say nothing.

This Is What Happens When Legislators Don’t Learn Science in School

Kentucky still has “concerns” about climate change…
7/07/14 11:08:38 am
[Reposted from other thread by request] Yeah, I've seen one of those "out of context" defenses being raised by a RWNJ on a chat network. Basically, that guy claimed it was taken out of context, and that the honorable gentleman ...

If You Accuse Rand Paul of Plagiarism, He’d Like to Kill You

That’s what a duel is
11/04/13 7:10:37 am
re: #5 b_sharp Oh, the Pauls are all about big empty loudmouthed talk that implies no consequences. Also, still remembering how Rand Pauls' fucking Jack Booted goddamn Thugs curb-stomped a protestor here a couple of years back. he can run ...’s Ben Shapiro Attacks Ashley Judd, Uses Nude Photo

12/06/12 12:26:26 pm
re: #396 Sol Berdinowitz I still don't see it. Other than the Any White Guy, which goes along with Any Republican, I don't know if it matters which one won. I think he liked Gingrich and then, as with every ...

Kentucky Moves Ahead with Tax Breaks for Creationists

12/24/10 2:14:43 pm
Several years ago there was a discussion amongst a number of academics on the subject of evolution and the relevance of the recently completed genome project. Then suddenly on a video screen appeared a chap with an Australian accent spouting ...

Curb Stomper Wants an Apology, Feels Like a Victim

180Amory Blaine
10/27/10 2:46:07 pm
re: #177 joest73 Guns were at Obamas rallys though. Yet you don't see Obama supporters physically attacking the T baggers for their cowardly displays. If Randy Pauls people attack women with signs at political rallys, what will they do when ...