Chuck C. Johnson’s Latest Scam Is Another Massive Fail: “Never Before Seen Obama Video”

Chuck C. Johnson hyped this as “a damning video” — it’s a big nothing-burger
10/04/16 6:02:08 pm
re: #200 allegro well yeah...if he knew what was good for him...

For months cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson and his racist pal Pax Dickinson have been hyping and promising and conning right wing rubes into sending them money for a “never before seen video” of Barack Obama visiting Kenya in 1990. Johnson and Dickinson have been telling the rubes the “damning …

Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Kenya Terror Attack on Twitter

Islamic extremists use Twitter to announce mass murder
9/22/13 11:39:08 am
re: #101 CuriousLurker Since the terrorist act was spearheaded by a woman, likely a niqaabi, are you still going to defend niqaabis when majority of them have fantasies of fighting the evil "kuffaar"? Somalis in Minneapolis have done a piss ...

Mike Huckabee and Bryan Fischer: Obama is ‘Fundamentally Anti-American’

Huckabee does damage control by appearing on the radio show of the religious right’s most crazed fanatic
135Lib Wingnut
3/04/11 8:21:26 pm
Relevance? President Obama is untruthfully and slanderously accused of some evil past Manchurian Candidate-type behavior on a daily basis and you get indignant about a true horror tale of the slobbish spawn of a hillbilly buck-toothed douchebag? Or, Newsweek: ...

Mike Huckabee Says Obama ‘Grew Up in Kenya’

Speaking to a Birther, Huckabee says repeatedly that President Obama grew up in Africa
580Big Beautiful Door
3/02/11 10:43:29 am
re: #578 lostlakehiker Ever since Marbury v. Madison we have been conditioned to expect every constitutional issue to be decided in court, but keep in mind that nothing in the Constitution specifically grants the Court the power to invalidate laws ...