Rand Paul: We Should Leave Assad Alone Because He’s Only Killing Muslims

The libertarian loon contingent weighs in
9/02/13 9:28:43 pm
This nonsense out of his mouth might be one of the nicest gifts sane people have had this year. His absurd statements may well have already torpedoed his Presidential run in 2016. Sure, the GOP Red Meat Brigade will like ...

Today’s totally cock-eyed opinions on Syria come from one of the true Republican weirdos in the Senate: Rand Paul: No American Interests in Syria. According to Aqua Buddha, America has no interests in Syria and we should leave them alone. And besides, Bashar al-Assad is only killing Muslims, so …

Video: All 8 Republicans Would Walk Away from ‘10 to 1’ Deal

The Republican Party is badly broken
8/13/11 8:24:38 am
re: #211 Areopagitica It is worse than that, the current Tea Party is nothing short of total anarchism in a very thin disguise. Eliminate government oversight of business, the environment, education, and the financial markets. Cut taxes even further even ...

GOP Debate, Iowa Edition

If creeping shariah doesn’t take over first
232(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
8/12/11 12:05:03 am
re: #165 jamesfirecat Keynesian economics cannot be reduced to the formula "government spending". It's a highly evolved and complex theory of the fundaments of economics, including detailed criticism of previous classical and neoclassical ideas. Why people insist on dumbing down ...

Video: Fareed Zakaria Corrects Glenn Beck’s Math

12/12/10 8:05:45 pm
#1)Beck is an idiot (Just wanted to get that out of the way) #2)An average of about 10% of Muslims worldwide have a favorable view Al Qaeda (according to Pew Research) Which is about 150 million Source: pewresearch.org If you ...

ADL Denounces Glenn Beck

582Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/13/10 9:39:18 am
re: #581 Buck That's hilarious coming from a Beck supporter. I didn't quote him. But you called what Beck had said well-footnoted: So please, tell me what you think that Soros did in those years that was well-footnoted by Beck. ...

Glenn Beck on Faith Healing and Vaccination: ‘Meet Mr. Smith and Wesson’

10/18/10 7:58:26 am
One is privileged to threaten more force than he is legally allowed to use - especially in the case of trespassing. But, it could escalate if the one threatened actually feels imminent danger and responds with like force or the ...