Trump Dissolves His Fraudulent “Election Integrity” Commission

It was a scam from the start, and state governments refused to play along
1/03/18 8:10:03 pm
re: #162 Charles Johnson As interesting is Mom's face giving Jr a side-eye of her own. Don't do it.... do not...

In addition to the circular firing squad currently going on over Steve Bannon’s comments about Trump, we have some more good news to report. Remember that bogus “election integrity” commission Trump formed to look into one of the right’s favorite fantasies, “voter fraud?” The commission that savvy people realized was …

Kansas Sec. of State Kobach’s Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Deadline

“An administrative error”
4/11/16 9:29:01 pm
re: #178 Stanley Sea There's some subtle political difference between Pat's and Geno's (something about the owners, or locations, or clientele), but they taste the same.

Kris Kobach, Notorious SB 1070 Racist, Laying Groundwork for Two-Tier Voting System

So are Ken Bennett and Tom Horne of Arizona.
10/09/13 11:03:54 am
re: #222 francis You just insulted all minorities, and in fact, everyone, who has ever voted for a non-Republican. Why are you so hard to educate?

Kansas GOP Birthers Want to Remove Obama from the Ballot

What’s the matter with Kansas?
163funky chicken
9/14/12 4:07:36 pm
re: #23 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance Link to ABC article, where it says her tox screen was negative. She was in jail for a "minor drug charge" that was apparently bogus...hadn't even gone before a judge. ...

Right Wing Media Desperately Deny Reality of Supreme Court Immigration Decision

The spin has never been more obvious
6/25/12 4:14:12 pm
What's most telling to me is that both Fox and Jan Brewer are trumpeting "key part of the law upheld" when that "key part" is the stopping brown people and asking for their papers part. How proud they seem to ...