Video: Samantha Bee Is Feelin’ Alt-Right

400Charles Johnson
11/04/16 9:22:51 am
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Readers of Little Green Footballs are very familiar with the so-called “alt-right” — an innocuous sounding term for some of the worst people in the country. We’ve been covering the rise of this movement of white supremacists, antisemites and racists for years, and now the hate machine has gone …

For Some Reason, Former KKK Leader David Duke Thinks It’s a Perfect Time to Run for Office

Gingrich takes to his fainting couch
7/23/16 6:47:28 am
BBC saying Munich killer had "obvious links" to Breivik. Sigh. He invited people to the location via Facebook, posing as a girl. Targeted immigrants.

David Duke Is Ecstatic About Trump’s “Star of David” Tweet: “We Welcome the Hidden Hand”

Trump’s Ku Klux Klan base couldn’t be happier
559Big Beautiful Door
7/05/16 12:08:35 pm
re: #433 Lidane Not that he's right, but the GOP did decide to nominate the one candidate least able to effectively attack Clinton's judgment and trustworthiness. Way to go GOP!

David Duke Gets Out the Racist Vote for Donald Trump

Make America hate again
2/25/16 4:24:33 pm
re: #180 freetoken Leading the charge from behind. "Go get 'em boys...imma eat my Little Debbies cakes while you are at it!" By the way, there seems to be talk the Republican candidates are going to lower the boom on ...

White Supremacist Groups See Donald Trump as “Golden Opportunity” for Recruitment

Neo-Nazis and racists love the GOP’s leading candidate
12/11/15 10:59:07 pm
re: #200 WhatEVs At what point can these people be deemed mentally insane and sent to hospitals for treatment and observation? Is the answer "never until they commit violence?" If so, that is the gap in mental health America needs. ...

Donald Trump Says He’ll Repudiate David Duke “If It Would Make You Feel Better”

Then says he doesn’t even know who David Duke is
8/27/15 6:43:24 am
He always says he doesn't know someone when it's not convenient for him yet displays stunning knowledge of something about the person, i.e., Jorge Ramos. Don't know the guy but go back to Univision. Maybe someday the press will get ...

Video: Ken Burns on the Civil War: It Was About “Slavery, Slavery, Slavery”

The Confederacy was holding onto the idea that some humans should be able to own other humans
8/24/15 3:22:24 pm
re: #405 Backwoods_Sleuth NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO READ THINGS I DISAGREE WITH!!!!! Remember, women who complain about being stalked and harassed are oversensitive SJWs, but Christians can freak out over having to read that gay people are ...

How to Embarrass a White Supremacist (With a Tuba)

The funniest thing you’ll see this week
7/21/15 7:29:57 pm
re: #264 HappyWarrior It's been a tightrope for some time now. I have some plausible deniability seeing as how I never voted for Barack Obama. But it's out among some of my friends, I'm a goddamn librul! (I don't consider ...

Don Lemon Brings on a KKK Member to Share His Feelings

Our media are not well
256Patricia Kayden
3/12/15 9:44:25 am
re: #247 Justanotherhuman This: St. Louis police chief: No long-term injuries for 2 officers shot in Ferguson during protest - @AP see original on Glad to hear that the police officers won't suffer any long lasting injuries. Hope they ...