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162I Stand With Planned Parenthood
3 weeks, 1 day ago
Charles, you are amazing!
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After adding the new feature to LGF Pages that lets you capture HTML code automatically, I realized it exacerbated a problem that had always been in the LGF Pages posting window; if you tried to select more than about 8K of text, you see an error message saying “Request-URI …

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10/21/13 9:09:52 am
re: #234 lawhawk And if I remember my WWII history correctly, those 6 million(-ish) Jews that got exterminated during the Holocaust actually are less than half of the total of the "Untermensch" the Naz's disposed of by various means. I've ...
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239Blind Frog Belly White
5/27/13 8:34:27 am
re: #179 William Barnett-Lewis Didn't work with my wife. The first two years of our marriage she was teaching. The first year, there was one kid in her class with a particularly obnoxious set of parents, as in it was ...
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