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Tech Note: New Autosave Feature in LGF Pages

Never lose your work
636Blind Frog Belly White
4/21/16 12:39:25 pm
re: #603 Kragar I sure hope he meant to say Purple RAIN and just did the same thing Jimmy Carter did when he gave a tribute to Hubert Horatio Hornblower.

Today we have a nifty new feature for authors of LGF Pages: announcing … fanfare please … autosave! It’s now almost impossible to accidentally lose a post, even if your power goes out or your computer crashes, because every post you start writing is now automatically saved to our …

Tech Note: LGF Pages Bookmarklet Updated - Popup Blockers Sidestepped

No more need to turn off popup blocking
10/21/13 9:09:52 am
re: #234 lawhawk And if I remember my WWII history correctly, those 6 million(-ish) Jews that got exterminated during the Holocaust actually are less than half of the total of the "Untermensch" the Naz's disposed of by various means. I've ...

Tech Note: The Latest LGF Pages Bookmarklet, With Pop-Up Blocker Detection

Improved and new
239Blind Frog Belly White
5/27/13 8:34:27 am
re: #179 William Barnett-Lewis Didn't work with my wife. The first two years of our marriage she was teaching. The first year, there was one kid in her class with a particularly obnoxious set of parents, as in it was ...