Rand Paul Pens Politico Piece Denying the GOP Is Anti-Science (With a Climate Change Denying Co-Author)

Liars lying
1/13/15 2:24:10 pm
re: #76 The Vicious Babushka A black Wendy Davis in a hijab.

When Rand Paul says, “No, the GOP is absolutely not doing that thing you think they’re doing,” be assured that yes, they very definitely are doing that thing. Case in point: No, the GOP Is Not at War With Science - Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Lamar Smith. Sen. …

GOP Appoints Climate Change Denier to Chair House Science Committee (Again)

The Republican Party’s war on science continues
11/30/12 8:16:49 pm
re: #63 Kragar Rationalwiki classifies Walt Brown's hydroplate "theory" as being in the Not Even Wrong category. The idea that underground water cold spew fast enough (25,000 mph or 11 km/s) to escape earth's gravitational field and then travel hundreds ...