Acts, Omissions, and What We Actually Know About the Ferguson PD and Mike Brown Case

There’s a whole lot to sort through, and much of it isn’t good
2441Peter G1
8/15/14 4:17:46 pm
re: #237 EPR-radar You really don't understand the significance of this assertion by the police do you? If it is true that Michael Brown was the person who assaulted and threatened convenience store the clerk and then stole merchandise and ...

Michael Brown is dead. This much we know. How and why he died at the hands of a Ferguson police officer, now identified as 6 year veteran of the force Darren Wilson, is still unclear. The Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released some records “relating” to the case, but they …

Newt’s Odd Understanding of the US Constitution

Or, let’s just ignore the Supreme Court’s rulings if the right person is in the White House
263W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
12/18/11 3:19:23 pm
What happened to ? This site was taken over by the Huffington Post and used as URL to their comedy section. Ever since the take over things have gone south, most imfamous their use of the HULU video format. ...

Judge ‘Inundated’ with Death Threats After AZ Immigration Ruling

8/02/10 10:30:55 am
re: #111 Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds How about a bill with several provisions that kick in one after the other, none taking effect until the previous provisions have actually been effectively implemented? The first provision tightens border control. The ...