Anti-Muslim Extremist to Be Keynote Speaker at Central New York Police Expo

160gocart mozart
4/28/16 7:55:36 am
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Here are a few screenshots of Mauro’s other articles for Clarion the sorts of people & organizations Mauro is involved in (if you want to read any of them, you’ll have to google them because I’m not going to give them traffic). There are plenty more if you have …

Racism, Discrimination and Privilege

And the common sense to distinguish between them
11/25/14 12:42:11 pm
Let's even assume that the witness testimonies are conflicting as to whether MB was charging Wilson. This would only mean that we can't decide that only from the available testimonies themselves, since they would cancel each other. That means that ...
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The Troubling Treatment of Journalists During Ferguson Coverage

Law enforcement seems to be going out of its way to harass, detain, and arrest journalists covering events in Ferguson
8/19/14 10:59:37 am
re: #376 Lidane She also hated people who mooched from the Federal Government but got Social Security and Medicare which helped her deal with her lung cancer.
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Ferguson: Down the Rabbit Hole

How lies, obfuscation, and misleading information are making a bad situation in Ferguson worse
8/18/14 2:08:59 am
re: #223 b.d. It's the unmistakable style of a neo-Nazi "artist" who goes by the moniker "A. Wyatt Mann". This picture is one of his most "moderate" ones. Whoever posted it on twitter first had to wade through dozens of ...
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Acts, Omissions, and What We Actually Know About the Ferguson PD and Mike Brown Case

There’s a whole lot to sort through, and much of it isn’t good
2441Peter G1
8/15/14 4:17:46 pm
re: #237 EPR-radar You really don't understand the significance of this assertion by the police do you? If it is true that Michael Brown was the person who assaulted and threatened convenience store the clerk and then stole merchandise and ...
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Facebook, Microsoft Release Data Request Numbers

Direct access? Not so much.
6/15/13 9:32:28 pm
re: #34 WA_Independent You DO know that "General Counsel" means attorney, right? Those aren't PR statements by a marketing flack. They're statements by the attorneys for both Microsoft and Facebook releasing the information they have been allowed to release by ...

Developing: Anti-Government Terrorists Murder Two Louisiana Sheriffs

At least one is connected to anti-government Posse Comitatus
115druid for hire
8/18/12 2:30:36 pm
we're talking some inbred goob from Louisiana. he's a cop killer. prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. send him to Angola prison. let him become the lovely bride of some high ranking ayran brother. but don't call ...
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Groundbreaking Verdict As Church Official Convicted of Child Endangerment

Monsignor William Lynn is the first Roman Catholic church official in the US tried for his role in protecting predator priests
22Bubblehead II
6/23/12 3:57:11 pm
Sadly, I wonder how long it will take before someone within the church hierarchy starts claiming that this and any other prosecution for covering up for pedophile priests is nothing more than retaliation for the RCC stance on Abortion, Birth ...
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