A Raging Donald Trump Threatens Michael Wolff’s Publisher, Demands They Withdraw His Book

Not gonna happen
1/04/18 9:26:29 pm
re: #48 Single-handed sailor [Embedded content] That's ok- Hillary would've done the same thing. /s (as if it's needed)

Our so-called president is not in the best of moods today; in addition to threatening author Michael Wolff and Trump’s former consigliere Stephen Bannon with a defamation lawsuit over Wolff’s bombshell book, his lawyers have also threatened Wolff’s publisher and demanded that they cease publication. So Trump is claiming Michael …

Roger Stone and Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson: Peas in a Putrid Pod

Stone threatens to sue Twitter
281Blind Frog Belly White
10/29/17 5:39:45 pm
re: #279 CleverToad She and Ari Melber seem to be the 'Go To' folks to cover others' days off. But, yeah. Joy deserves a primetime show. But whose? Brian Williams? I'd rather trade him for an earlier repeat of Chris ...

Chuck C. Johnson’s Suit Against Gawker Has Really Been Filed

The nutty hack-fraud is going through with it
6/22/15 4:12:45 pm
Most countries have had at least one civil war, but they're not proud of it. They may have statues in a park or something, but today you never see, for instance, bumper stickers in England that say, "I'm a Cavalier, ...