Roger Stone and Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson: Peas in a Putrid Pod

Stone threatens to sue Twitter
281Blind Frog Belly White
2 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #279 CleverToad She and Ari Melber seem to be the 'Go To' folks to cover others' days off. But, yeah. Joy deserves a primetime show. But whose? Brian Williams? I'd rather trade him for an earlier repeat of Chris ...

Long time Donald Trump crony Roger Stone was permanently banned from Twitter yesterday after a series of ugly, threatening and racist tweets directed at CNN hosts. When I heard the news, I noted that even though Stone loves to bash Holocaust denier Chuck C. Johnson, in reality they could be …

Chuck C. Johnson’s Suit Against Gawker Has Really Been Filed

The nutty hack-fraud is going through with it
6/22/15 4:12:45 pm
Most countries have had at least one civil war, but they're not proud of it. They may have statues in a park or something, but today you never see, for instance, bumper stickers in England that say, "I'm a Cavalier, ...